Touchscreen Windows

Empire Digital Signs is turning ordinary windows into a unique experience!


EDS has created a one of a kind experience by converting ordinary windows into interactive touchscreen displays. A touchscreen window is something that can benefit any business that wants to be innovative, high-tech, and ahead of the game. These systems are quickly becoming popular in places like hospitals, universities, and office buildings.


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Rochester Institute of Technology Alumni House


Now, you can create a unique user experience without taking up space, in just about any size. With all the functionality of an interactive display or kiosk and the same responsive touch technology of your smartphone, this product is entering the market as something unique and cutting edge. Display 2D and 3D turn by turn navigation, event calendars, web pages, games, and so much more to entertain, inform, and instruct your audience.

Some ideas of what to include on your window touchscreen:

  • Interactive wayfinding (2D/3D)
  • Event calendars
  • Marketing material
  • Safety information
  • Websites/databases
  • Games
  • Sign-up forms
  • Menus
  • Weather & news
  • Surveys


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Syracuse University Center of Excellence Outdoor Window Touchscreen


Like interactive kiosks, these window displays can fit within any business or market. But, unlike kiosks, these take up almost no space in your facility, can face either indoor or outdoor without added risk or price, and really “wow” whoever interacts with them.


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Rochester Institute of Technology Alumni House


Can you think of a way your business could use a Touchscreen window? Send us a message and share your ideas!