Video Brochure

Who said print and digital can’t get along?

A video brochure is a hybrid of the two and is certainly an unconventional way to deliver your message. This brochure opens to reveal a high resolution LCD screen capable of playing up to five videos and even has speakers for audio. The video brochure holds up to 3 hours of charge and can be plugged into any PC to charge and update videos. The design is completely up to you. The video brochure comes in a variety of colors, folds and designs.

Video Brochure














Here are some ideas of how to implement the video brochure for your business:

  • Sales tool: Arm your staff with a video brochure to present to potential clients.
  • Invitation: If you’re looking for a unconventional way to invite special guests to an event- the video brochure is sure to impress.
  • Thank you: Show a special client how much you appreciate their business.
  • Lobby Marketing Materials: Forget the old magazines! Stack your lobby with a few video brochures that inform and educate your guests.
  • Product Launch: Utilize the video brochure to promote a new product on the market. A video will surely get your message across!
  • Informational Brochure: Utilize the video capabilities of this brochure to inform people of safety policies, company regulations, emergency procedure, etc.
  • Gifts: As opposed to a regular photography, take videos at a family gathering or vacation to create a dynamic gift that everyone will be able to appreciate forever.


Check out our video to see the video brochure in action!