Organizational Communications

Utilizing Digital Signage in a Corporate Environment

Welcome your business into the digital age with ease when you partner with Empire Digital Signs. Regardless of the type of industry, we will find the solution that will be a valuable asset to your company.


Digital Directories for Office Buildings

Digital Directory

Large, complicated business parks and buildings can be difficult for visitors to navigate. Provide your guests with a digital directory that is sure to ease the confusion, while creating a high-tech, professional environment. Digital directories are versatile and allow for instantaneous updates as needed. Zoning your sign will allow you to separate the display into multiple areas of interest to push more than one message at once.


Digital Wayfinders


At EDS we’ve perfected our digital mapping abilities to provide you with a beautiful 2D or 3D rendering of your facility. We also provide custom user interfaces and helpful widgets to make your wayfinder so much more than just a map! Click here for more information on digital wayfinders by Empire Digital Signs.



Internal Communications

Improve workplace communication, attitudes and behaviors by utilizing digital signage in the office. Email clutter can result in important emails being overlooked or sent to spam folders, while some employees may not even have access to email. By placing a digital display in a high traffic area, you’ll be able to reach your staff with important meeting schedules, company policy, new hire announcements, etc.


Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising

Looking for an additional revenue stream? If you occupy a higher traffic venue, then installing a DOOH system in your business utilizes space and resources to generate advertising dollars from one location. Allow outside businesses to buy up time shares on your system. Click here for examples of our DOOH systems and contact EDS today for a consultation!