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Athletic Hall of Fame

Hornell City School District, Athletic Director, John Cardmone

Interactive Hall of Fame Systems

  • Athletic Hall of Fame Wall

  • Alumni Hall of Fame

  • Academic Hall of Fame

  • Education Wall of Distinction











Running out of space on your walls for plaques? Do you have overflowing trophy cases that people walk by like old furntiture? We digitize your hall of fame and give your star students, staff, and alumni the recognition they deserve. Provide inspiration to current students by showcasing past achievements.

  • Highlight students who demonstrate leadership and integrity
  • Recognize staff tenures & awards
  • Recognize student body academic achievements
  • Showcase celebrities, sports heroes, and other notable alumni
  • Alumni inductee ceremonies
  • Community service and contribution
  • Donor recognition

Outstanding Achievements and Highlights

  • Student and Alumni Bios
  • Faculty and Staff Achievements
  • Championship wins
  • Outstanding athletes & MVPs
  • Records broken
  • Highlight Reels
  • Game schedules









Yearbook Digitization

We bring all of your yearbooks out of your archives and make them digitally available to the public or on an interactive display.

  • Decades of yearbooks digitally available

    yearbook digitization, interactive yearbook, digital yearbook

  • EDS manages all aspects of digitization
  • Indexing & searchability
  • Impress donors, reconnect with alumni and engage students





Assist New Students and Visitors with Navigation 

Large educational institutions can be difficult to navigate. Providing an interactive wayfinder in central locations can assist new students or visitors in finding their way around.

    • 2D and 3D map capabilities
    • Turn by turn directions

interactive map, 3d map, wayfinding




Announcements & Safety Alerts

Display morning announcements, clubs & after school activities, bus schedules, and career fair information. in a centralized location for students and faculty to see.

In today’s world, safety is no longer a precaution – it’s a necessity. By integrating with your Common Alerting Protocol (CAP through or other system, your digital signage can work for you by alerting students and staff if there is a disturbance in the building, no matter how big or small.


high school digital signage, announcement screens, CAP, digital safety alerts, high school emergency protocol