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Interactive system at Greece Public Library in Rochester. The system is a 49″ screen on a piano black pedestal.


Empire Digital Signs is the #1 provider of interactive library systems, kiosks, and digital signage in the US. Our state-of-the-art 2D and 3D wayfinding are the ultimate experience in getting your patrons where they need to go within your facility. Additional features include integration with your current programming and ILS/LMS software.



Interactive Kiosks for Libraries

Patrons think of their local library as their information hub. Make that information even more readily available with an interactive kiosk. Interactive kiosks are the perfect tool for libraries of all sizes with all sorts of needs and goals. These high-tech pieces empower library patrons to pick and choose the information that is most important to them.

Some popular features:

Interactive Wayfinding

• Programing/events integration for current and upcoming events

• Book feeds / book suggestions

• Ability to customize event / library advertisements

• Tying into library catalog – for real time searching and inventory availability, as well as the ability to put books on hold

For more information on the additional capabilities of an interactive kiosk, click here.



Wayfinding is one of the most attractive features for libraries. Library wayfinding provides the ability to navigate and find books, materials, room locations, activity areas, with the touch of a finger. This feature goes beyond the convenience to your patrons, providing operational efficiency by eliminating the need for staff and employees to give directions.

library wayfinder, wayfinder, digital wayfinding, digital mapping, touchscreen map

• Turn by turn directions

• Interactive keyboard for destination searches

• 2D or 3D capabilities

• Mobile directions

• Customization

More information about interactive wayfinding can be found here




Programming & Events Integration

This has become a significant part of what libraries offer to the communities they serve. Participation in your programs/events comes through awareness. These events can be prominently displayed on your home page in a scrolling reader board along with quick links for additional details. With the ability to stream your existing program calendar be it Google, Outlook, Demco, Evanced, or through another software provider, we can maximize your efficiency by pulling from information you are already updating.

Greece Library Programs and EventsBlackstone Library Calendar

Digital SignageStandard_Library Signage

With all of the activity in a library setting, digital signage offers the most convenient method to reach and inform your audience. Standard library digital signage is controlled remotely via the cloud, allowing users to update content as frequently as desired without needing to be within the vicinity of the library.

• Day-parting

• Personalization / Customization

• Zoning

• Remote updates

• Various enclosures / framing

Click here for more information on standard library digital signage.



Get a closer look:



Gates Public Library:

This library installation we completed was at Gates Public Library. They already had an existing screen on their first level that they were currently updating with a USB stick, which was a bit inconvenient, but was working for them. However, when they planned to expand their digital signage network, it became obvious that they were in need of cloud-based software. We were able to quickly convert their content over to a format that would fit with the most affordable digital signage software on the market today. We installed a brand new digital sign on a single post kiosk and converted their current screen over to digital signage software. Now they are capable of updating both signs from a central location and keep their patrons updated on library events and news.

Library Digital Signage



Webster Public Library

 Webster Library was undergoing major renovations that would include moving their entrance from one side of the building to the complete opposite side to reduce parking issues. This would change the entire layout of the library and librarians were concerned that patrons wouldn’t be able to find what they were looking for.

With that, our team set to work to develop a dynamic 3D rendering of their building.

The Library also wanted to integrate their database into the kiosk, but a complete integration simply did not work with their time constraints or budget. So we created a seamless I-Frame integration with an interactive keyboard for searching. We were also incorporated a “New Book” RSS feed straight from the library website on to the kiosk’s home page that would automatically update when the website was updated.

Library Digital Signage

“With our new renovation underway, this interactive kiosk would be an excellent tool for the introduction of our new layout and will be utilized to greet patrons, assist with navigating the new floor plan, finding collections and being aware of the changes and ongoing events.” –Anna Souannavong, Webster Library



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Library Digital Signage

Library Digital SignageLibrary Digital Signage

Library Digital Signage