Digital Mapping/Wayfinding

 Digital Wayfinders 

A compelling and responsive search experience.

Convenience your guests by providing them access to a powerful and accommodating digital wayfinder. The stress that comes along with navigating a large facility is quickly eliminated with these interactive devices. Allow users to browse directories and access the detailed directions they need all at the touch of a finger.


Choose between a wall mount, free standing kiosk or a pedestal to house your interactive wayfinder. Browse custom framing options as well. 


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→ Turn by turn directions: shortest route directions with handicap and detour options available

→ Interactive keyboard: For easy destination searches

→ Pop up: Add a pop up displaying information or specials at a specific location

→ 360 Panoramic views

→ Mobile directions: send your path to your mobile device for directions on the go

→ Branding and advertising: send important messages to a captive audience

→ Professional content creation: sit back and let us create your wayfinder

→ Online management portal: Easy, remote updating





Every functioning facility can benefit from a digital wayfinder, especially those with large square footage where guests can get lost easily. Empire Digital Signs will create a custom user-interface that reinforces your branding efforts as well as assisting your guests in finding their destination.



We also provide 2D wayfinding and Bing Map’s Bird Eye View wayfinding:


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3D Wayfinding isn’t in the budget? We have options!

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