Room Signage

Digital Meeting Room Signs

Room status, wayfinding and booking right at the door with digital room signs.


meeting room signs

Incorporate all of your room booking needs into one compact and sleek touch-screen device mounted right on the conference room door. Digital room signs allow you to manage conference room booking at your facility simply and conveniently using an already existing schedule.

Reduce Confusion with Digital Room Signs

Our cloud-based software allows you to feed in live information directly from an already existing scheduling app such as Office 365, Crestron, Delphi or AMX. This way the information displayed on your digital room signs is the same information being viewed by employees, management and guests alike. Room signs will automatically update when a meeting has ended, so no more outdated signage! Guest will always know they are looking at accurate and relevant information.


room board digital signage meeting room

View Availability and Book a Room

Digital room signs are built to increase efficiency and give your staff a break from managing multiple rooms. Guests can now check the availability of a room and even book a room using the digital room sign right at the door. Even push content right to the users phone to remind them they have the room booked on a certain date. This prevents “meeting room crashers” or interruptions during an important meeting. Digital room signs give your staff a break from micro-tasks that are involved with large facilities and allow them to do their jobs more effectively.

Incorporate Wayfinding
Digital Room Signs Wayfinding

Integrate your schedule and display room information on a dynamic 3D rendering of your facility. Perfect for large facilities with multiple rooms. Don’t inconvenience guests by making them walk to each room to check for availability- allow them to pick which room they are interested in right on the map!

  • Highlight room availability on the map
  • Show event listings
  • Offer dynamic wayfinding
  • Book/Reserve rooms
  • Filter by capacity
  • Room pop-ups with more information

For more on interactive wayfinding click here.

Branded User Interfaces

You know your audience best. With that in mind, Empire Digital Signs will put our team of graphics designers to work creating a branded user interface for your digital room signs. Add unique features and buttons that best fit your facility. Customize everything from the UI to the enclosure to your liking.

Custom Enclosures

Customization doesn’t end at user interface. Empire Digital Signs offers customization options at every step of your digital room board journey. We offer both aluminum and wood enclosures that are built to order for each client. Below are just a few anodized aluminum options we offer for digital room signs:

                 Full Square                                    Horizontal Hybrid                             Vertical Hybrid                              Full Quarter Round

digital room boards


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Room Booking for Interactive Kiosks

Not interested in digital room signs, but still room booking? Integrate the same room booking capabilities into an interactive kiosk for your lobby/high traffic area. 3D wayfinders are useful in their own right and adding room booking only enhances the guest experience. Click here for more information on interactive kiosks.